cricketnirvana Player Oracle

cricketnirvana Player Oracle will help you find details for a player.

The oracle will look for players containing the search word, so "hill" will match "Hill", "Whitehill", "Hills", etc.
Note that initials should not have full stops or spaces - use "GA Greenidge", not "G.A. Greenidge".
If more than one player matches, the oracle will present you with a further page to make your choice of player

Note: Players and teams can be matched in the following ways (the search is not case-sensitive):

Exact Matchf johnson(Default for teams) Fastest, but input must be correct. May return a list of players with the same name.
Starts Withf johnsMay return a list of players all with initial "f" but with different surnames all starting "johns".
Containsi botham(Default for players) Slowest. Names returned may have surnames not starting "botham" or initials not containing "i".
Six types of search are available:
player name
restrict to team
restrict to opponent
restrict seasons start season end season
only as captain
only as wicket-keeper
restrict to
restrict match type
restrict result type
restrict scores
(score range only)
score greater or equal to
less than or equal to
restrict wickets
(wicket range only)
wickets greater or equal to
less than or equal to







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