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Off the pitch is not serious cricketing news. Its articles are not factual, nor are they ever fully thought through. The writer of these articles intends to be sarcastic and humorous but routinely fails in this attempt. Under no circumstance is he to be taken seriously, for doing so may result in physical or mental harm. Read these works at your own peril.

Right arm, over the ´sticky´ wicket!
Indian bowling attack is at the crossroads. With Zaheer's successor nowhere in sight, it might be just the right time to press the panic button and have a vision and ...
The road not taken until now
Is it time for the the BCCI to emulate Australia and give captain and coach a vote in selection? Rohit Bhaskar writes.
Cricket in Asia felt the heat in the year 2011
Three Pakistani players being jailed for spot-fixing in England underlined a mixed year for cricket in Asia despite India's memorable World Cup triumph at home in April.
It´s time for Rohit to row his bat!
Anchor Mikhail Vaswani ponders about Rohit Sharma, a player whose talent is undeniable but is yet to make his Test debut.
All is not ´Bell´ at Trent Bridge
Anchor Mikhail Vaswani dissects and points out that Ian Bell's reprieve should not have happened in the first place.
Keeping the legacy alive
In a three-hour long chat with R Ashwin, Mikhail Vaswani discovers that, thanks to the off-spinner, cricket, even today, is a gentleman's game.
What´s the idea of a ruthless No 1?
Is it always necessary to have full strength team, play against a strong opposition and pull off wins to show prove you’re the best, asks RK.