Exclusive – ‘It is highly unfortunate’

Mumbai: Former Sri Lanka captain has questioned Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) for not including the referral system for the Tests against India. “You need referrals in a high-profile Test series. Mistakes can be made by umpires or by players also. When you have technology in place, why can’t you use it as much as possible?” a furious Ranatunga asks.

Arjuna Ranatunga has questioned Sri Lanka’s decision to scrap the referrals. © AFP
It is a known fact that India was against the use of referrals. “I am okay with India objecting to it.

But the final call was to be taken by the hosts, and it’s disappointing that SLC decided to scrap it. It is highly unfortunate that people who run cricket don’t realise the value of technology,” Ranatunga, Sri Lanka’s World Cup winning skipper, said.

On Monday, Sangakkara too expressed disappointment over the decision. “I was under the impression that the ICC has set the standards on this by saying that everyone should use the DRS system. Make the referrals mandatory,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dhoni justified his team’s stand due to the lack of a foolproof system. “DRS is still not 100 per cent correct. It is important now to come up with a foolproof plan and see what exactly works,” India’s skipper said on the eve of the tour game.

Ironically, UDRS and Ajantha Mendis, two primary reasons for India’s loss to Sri Lanka in 2008, won’t be playing a part this time around.

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