Tendulkar unhappy with IPL move

Auckland: Master batsman Sachin Tendulkar reacted to the Indian Premier League (IPL) being shifted out of India. Tendulkar, also Mumbai Indians captain, said for the sake of Indian public the IPL could have been played in India.

“Obviously Indian public would have liked to have IPL matches played in India but due to certain circumstances its difficult I know. I am sure the authorities must have tried but its not workable. You have no other choice,” said Tendulkar.

The maestro admitted that it was going to be difficult to replicate the Mumbai atmosphere anywhere else in the world. Last year the Mumbai crowds played a big part in reviving his team’s fortunes when all seemed lost. “Yeah its obviously going to be different because in India we used to have home and away matches,” added Tendulkar.

But having played a lot of cricket in England and South Africa, is there a city closest to Mumbai in atmosphere? “Right now looking at the itinerary whether its going to be in South Africa or England everything will be an away game for us. You don’t know which is a home or an away game,” said Tendulkar.

But the master batsman said the flipside of having matches abroad meant that Indian fans even in those countries would be great.

“Its always fantastic to have Indian fans away from country, we always appreciate it. Nowadays virtually wherever we go we have a lot of Indian supporters cheering us, it is a big strength and support for us.”

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