Are Shane and Simone Warne back together again?

Simone Callaghan was seen spending the past week shacked-up in Melbourne with her ex, Shane Warne. The couple were photographed together yesterday leaving his home in Brighton where sources report the pair have been staying overnight together with their three children.

This has stirred up rumours that the once-estranged couple are now back together.

The couple are annoyed at the media scrutiny but few will not notice the Warne family, especially when Warne pulled out of the driveway of the new home in his chunky new Lamborghini Superleggera.

While sources close to the couple believe Callaghan, who has a home of her own within walking distance, is just decorating the house for her ex, they say the couple are now virtually inseparable. When asked to comment Callaghan said, “It’s no one’s business.”

Warne remains devoted to their three children, Brooke, Jackson and Summer and when the family isn’t together at his new home, they can be found at Callaghan’s holiday home on the Mornington Peninsula. But with her moving boxes to and from his house in recent days, the question on everyone’s lips yesterday was: Is she moving back in with Warne?

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