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"The Wall" reminded one and all on Friday against England at Mohali a thing or two about himself

Friday, December 19, 2021

A letter to Rahul Dravid

Sai Mohan

What's it like to be a nice guy?

You knew you still had it. You knew you did but failed to realise it.
But it hurt to see that you didn't. What was all that reading about?
It's a novelty for you to go without scoring for nine innings.
But does that mean that you lose hope? You know you did.

It was the love, passion and support that kept you going.
You, the man, who reveled under pressure, were a victim?
You love to be duped don't you? And you almost crave for it.
Luckily for you the team is on top now and is supportive.

You know why they shored you up through this crisis?
You kept wickets to accommodate an extra batsman.
You opened the batting to accommodate a young dasher.
You did it all for the team. Now they are paying you back.

It was almost the perfect setting to convalesce, wasn't it?
Overcast clouds and English bowlers, reminiscent to Leeds?
Stick with this team. If not a batsman, become a consultant.
Teach these young lads what batting is about. It's upto you now.

They may not be willing to learn. But they do respect you.
'Triumph' the sport today has a different meaning my friend.
It's not about seeing the new bowlers off, but scoring off it.
You know it all. You have done it all. It's in your hands now.