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From Jaffer to Rohit Sharma, from Muzumdar to Rahane everyone from Tendulkar's team pay rich tributes to India's Wall

Sunday, December 21, 2021

Team Mumbai salutes Rahul Dravid

Radhika Tongar

Mumbai: To be a star is not difficult, to continue to be a star is the bigger challenge. Agreed that stars are not born everyday, agreed not every nation gets the honour to call them their son. But the question is do you still call the star your son once it stops to shine.
It's no mean feat to be great. There is nothing easy once you are great. Success is but expected out of you, failure though on any occasion is out of question. 

One such great had a similar experience. Failure was a novelty to him, being questioned was even more novel. But then what is the difference between the greats and the not so greats, if they don't fight back. 

Rahul Dravid fought back. He came out of one of the most difficult patches of his career. He too had lost faith, he too was nervous, but all the criticism gave him the confidence to come back, the will to prove his detractors wrong.

Dravid's innings of 136 at Mohali was surely not his best but it was one that the team needed, it was one that he needed.
Well had things gone according to plan the Brabourne stadium in Mumbai would have seen Dravid break the jinx. It would have been the Brabourne Stadium hosting the platinum jubilee match between India and England. It would have been the Brabourne hosting its first Test in 35 years.

But plans are made only to be changed. While India battles the English winter in Mohali, taking their place at the Cricket Club of India is the Mumbai Ranji team. Fittingly Mumbai is on course to register a win in their last league encounter against Punjab. It was quite pleasing to see that Sachin Tendulkar's Mumbai was all gung ho over Dravid and his century. 

From coach to young budding stars, Dravid had won every heart in the Mumbai camp. Coach Praveen Amre said, "For any batsman getting a hundred is special, a Test hundred is even more special. Rahul was not able to score in the last match, so it was important for him and the team that he scores in this inning."

Mumbai's budding star, 20-year-old Ajinkya Rahane adores Dravid more than Tendulkar, "He's an excellent player and my role model as well. So I am very happy that he scored a hundred."

Mumbai skipper Wasim Jaffer also looked very happy for his former India team-mate, "I didn't get to see it but obviously I feel really happy that he got a hundred. He was going through a slum, but you know what a quality player he is, so one always knew that a big score was just around the corner. But now that he has got a hundred we expect him to go on. He is Mr. Consistent."

If India has a wall in Dravid then Mumbai has one in Amol Muzumdar. So it was pleasing to see one classy player complement the other, "Well Rahul Dravid has been a very close mate and I always wish him all the best. He is a class player and class is permanent and form is temporary. He's a great player, just leave him alone for some time. Great players have great ideas. Great things are left to great people."

India's ODI star Rohit Sharma had praises to shower on his senior, "Ya I was very happy to see that he got a hundred. He's a great player." 

This appreciation drive only goes to show how we have matured and now take pride in each other's success.