CricketNirvana’s Fantasy Game gives you – the user – an opportunity to pick your dream team with a permissible budget and based on your players’ performances over a period of time. This is your chance to put on your thinking cap and exhibit your decision-making skills.

Create your own league!

In the interest of competitive users who are gearing up to gut it out with their colleagues, friends and family members, the Nirvana Cricket Fantasy game provides them with an option of creating their own league. This league moderates the performances of all the members of the community in a single leaderboard and brings out a healthy comparison. So bear in mind when South Africa tour India or when the Champions Trophy is held in September, you can challenge your friends by creating your own league. Remember to use your 100 million dollars wisely! This game not only provides you with an opportunity to know how good or bad your favourite crickets fare under pressure but also tests your managerial skills!

How to select a good team?

The key is to be witty, watchful and to analyze your team and its performance on a regular basis. The composition of your final XI will have to comprise of five batsmen, four bowlers, one wicketkeeper and the solitary all-rounder. You have been allotted 100 million dollars to get into the action! Commit to memory that it is not ultra essential that each player in your team is in the best of form because like the old saying goes in sport, no player is bigger than the team. Ensure that your overall unit is a winning combination and do not waste too much of your money on a few star players that you adore. Sometimes, you have to be smart and go in for the dark horses and wild cards who can score you valuable points at key times. Remember, you have to change your team on the basis of ongoing tours and series. Our future cricket info box will keep you informed on the next five international matches, and on when, why and how to utilise your squad to the optimum. At the time when there is absolutely no cricket being played, your points will remain intact and so does the leaderboard. Users can select two sorts of teams – one that is series-based and the other is an open league for ODIs only. Hence, you can assess three or four cricket series at the same time and pick XI players or else, stick to the squads of one particular series and gain your points based on the same.


We also give you the option of limited transfers during a particular series. Hence, it is essential that the vital transfer options are used wisely. It is important to ensure that the transfers can help you gain more points and select the best possible combination. Enjoy playing CricketNirvana’s Fantasy Game and keep in track with the proceedings!