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'Clarke is no Sunil Gavaskar'

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Enemy Camp is a wrap-up of all the best stories and opinions from Australia's leading newspapers.

This is what the Australians are saying about the biggest Test series of the year....

"The cricket balls used in India and England both have fully hand-sewn seams and have more wax, fats and oils than the Kookaburra balls used in all the other Test-playing nations."

Kookaburra boss Rob Elliott explains why the Aussies have struggled to generate reverse swing with the SG Balls in India.

"Brett [Lee] has been the spearhead of our attack for the past 18 months and has been world class. I just think he didn't have enough bowling under his belt. He is probably the first to admit he needs hard work."

Steve Waugh, the former Australian captain, analyses why Brett Lee has looked pale of the champion bowler he is.

The sight of an Australian cricketer sparks something in him, a mixture of competitive fervour and national pride.

Peter Roebuck, explains Harbhajan's liking for Australia in the Sydney Morning Herald.

"He [Brett Lee] has the ability to swing it with the new ball and reverse swing it. If he gets it right he will take wickets in any conditions."

Former Australia captain Steve Waugh tells the Daily Telegraph Brett Lee doesn't need suitable conditions to aid his bowling.

"I'm sure that the little bit of time off that they've had enabled them to regroup and get their direction right, so I expect them to come out fighting hard."

Adam Gilchrist expects Australia, who were handed a 320-run drubbing at Mohali, to come back hard.

"I think reverse swing bowling is really about giving yourself enough time against it. It's an initial shock. The first five or 10 minutes are the most difficult period. You feel like it's very hard to score and even sometimes hard to survive."

"I think the key to start with is not to have too big a back lift. You have to keep everything minimal and just get bat on ball in the initial period until you adjust to what is going on, and then all of a sudden it becomes easier. You have got to be very sharp in your footwork and you can't play too many big shots."

Steve Waugh's tips to the Australians to counter reverse swing bowling.

"He [Michael Clarke] is a very well-rounded batsman but if you are looking for the perfect technician, he is not a Sunil Gavaskar."

Steve Waugh admits in The Daily Telegraph that Michael Clarke's technique is not the best in the business.

"He [Ishant Sharma] seems to be after them (Australia), he wants to improve all the time, and the balls that he is knocking some of those guys over with, like Ponting, no other bowler could get the ball off a length to hit the bail height."

Former Australia fast bowler Damien Fleming is all praise for Ishant Sharma.

"I think you have to respect him on this type of wicket and it is his favorite ground and he'll want to put in a big performance. I think he shapes up as a danger bowler for Australia in this Test match."

Steve Waugh, in The Daily Telegraph, warns the Australians to look out for Anil Kumble in the Delhi Test

"I think what did come out (of the team meeting) was that we weren't going to look backwards and we weren't going to look too far forward."

Australian vice-captain Michael Clarke says his team has been asked to focus on the task in hand and not to worry too much about the past or the future.