Waugh calls it an "uncompromising contest"

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This is what the Australians are saying about the biggest Test series of the year....

"Rarely does a series pose so many questions and few would say with confidence which team will win in Mohali. Both teams have reason to be confident but also know deep down that if they aren't willing and able to fight a war of attrition, they will perish.

Bring it on - and be prepared for emotion, passion and perhaps some controversy, for this will be a tough and uncompromising contest." 

- Former Australia captain Steve Waugh, The Daily Telegraph

"I think Cameron White's a good cricketer. I'm very keen on him doing well and people expect young cricketers suddenly to be stars overnight,'' Benaud said.

"It's important to persevere with all young players. It's no good putting them in for a match or two.

"Now, Cameron only came in because of injuries but he's a good cricketer.

"He's captained Victoria for a few years down there, and he's got lots of experience. He's a good batsman, a brilliant fielder and I'm hoping his bowling will continue to improve and improve.'' 

- Former Australia captain and leg-spinner Ritchie Benaud, The Australian

"The cold, hard facts are that in 131 years of Test cricket Australia has produced five exceptional leg-spinners. History tells us the arrival of the next one could be 20 years away.

For the first time in years the selectors, normally so consistent and predictable, are third and fourth guessing themselves and it has caused a wave of insecurity and confusion among Australia's young spinners.

The current top choice, White, will tonight try to win Australia the first Test against India just nine days after he was playing club cricket in Melbourne."

- Robert Craddock, Courier Mail