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'KP made to eat humble pie by Yuvraj'

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Enemy Camp is a wrap-up of all the best stories and opinions from England's leading newspapers.

This is what the English media is saying about the England cricket team's tour of India....

Pietersen made to eat humble pie by Yuvraj ...

... writes Angus Fraser in the Independent. After England captain Kevin Pietersen called Yuvraj Singh a "pie chucker", the Indian southpaw returned to play a quickfire innings of 39 on day four.


England are also regretting the retirement of Sourav Ganguly, the Prince of Calcutta, and the previous butt of their humour, and Yuvraj, who is not without the hubris and who surely must soon be anointed the Prince of the Punjab, is seen as a natural claimant to the throne.

Dileep Premachandran, in his blog in the Guardian, says Yuvraj not only took over Sourav Ganguly's spot in the Indian team, but also yet another role - that of being the butt of all Englishmen's jokes.

There are days in Test cricket where you go into them knowing that you can't win, but that you can lose ....

Michael Atherton tells the Times that England will go into the final day knowing they can't win the Test, but will be weary that they could still end up on the losing side - he thinks that will motivate the England boys to be charged on the field.

Dhoni has distinguished himself in this area (switching plans and doing things unconventional if things don't go his way). The obvious example is briging on Yuvraj Singh when Pietersen comes to the crease. Pietersen can talk all he likes about 'pie-chuckers' but Yuvraj's enticing little rounder-armers obviously unsettle him, and after his tame dismissal to him in chennai, he did his best t ocommit hara-kiri against him on Sunday. Dhoni's mischievous grin could be spotted. He's a leader with a genuine spark.

Simon Hughes, writing in the Telegraph, can't seem to write enough of his appreciation of Indian captain MS Dhoni.