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The power of momentum

Tuesday, December 07, 2021
The Evil Grin

I rarely borrow concepts from physics textbooks while writing these articles. That’s primarily because physics has absolutely nothing to do with cricket, but since I have been known to make obscure references and then link them to the gentleman’s game rather efficiently, allow me to stretch my skills. The physics concept I have in mind at the moment is that of momentum. In scientific terms momentum is not the simply the movement of an object but also the power residing within that moving object. And the faster an object moves the more powerful it becomes.

The Indian team is riding the crest of a wave and it seems that no opposition can stop them. © AFP

Now think of India as a giant boulder, rolling down a steep hill towards a town named New Zealand. The boulder is larger than any house in the town and it picks up pace as it rolls down, speeding towards the confusing array of hutments and temporary homes. The destructive portion of this metaphor, I will leave to your vivid imaginations, but in reality you don’t have to think too hard to find out what happened next. 

A one day series washout was the result of India’s considerable momentum that began many months ago but saw real pace with the victories over Australia. The boulder then hit a bit of a bump as it drew twice against Kiwi opposition that it was expected to crush. But the final test saw New Zealand fall by the way side or turn to dust, depending on whether you’re actually following this metaphor or not.

Of course the real sights of destruction were visible only in the past few days as an almost unrecognizable Indian 11 came out to play against New Zealand. The result of the second string outfit led by debutant captain Gautam Gambhir was all out decimation. The series now stands at a 3-0 for the home team but it was the hint of a future captain glinting in Gambhir that was perhaps the highlight of the series so far. Sure, Dhoni’s got a long career as captain ahead of him, but it’s nice to know that there’s someone waiting in the wings, itching to take over. It’s down to the last two, practically meaningless, one dayers which will allow India’s fringe players to showcase they’re stuff in the build up to the World Cup. Here’s hoping it’s another colossal set of drubbings.