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Frenzy descends on the streets of Kolkata

Wednesday, May 30, 2022

Kolkata: Frenzy descended on the streets as the city poured out in unprecedented numbers since Tuesday morning to celebrate the IPL win with chief minister Mamata Banerjee leading the plans to make the first win of the Kolkata Knight Riders a memorable event. A makeshift platform organized on a trailer served as the podium for carrying the players along a five km track that started from Hazra in south Kolkata around 11:15 am.

Crowds, however, started gathering at Hazra from 9, or before, in the morning.

Thousands of people lined on either side of the road along which the vehicle is supposed to pass. People sang, danced, somersaulted on the hot asphalt to express their delight.

The vehicle is supposed to reach the state secretariat where Mamata Banerjee is to welcome them.

After being felicitated in front of the state secretariat the players would move to Eden Gardens where an hour-long cultural programme has been arranged by Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

There was a traffic logjam in large parts of south Kolkata as the main arterial road was blocked by the moving sea of people.

“Shah Rukh Khan, cricketers, the trophy and finally a team that carries the name of the city make such a combination that it is impossible for anybody to resist,” said Samar Sarkar, a PWD employee who came down to the streets to watch the victorious team.

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