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Match-fixing expose fails to affect betting business

Monday, March 19, 2022
Manish Pachouly

Mumbai: Despite the latest expose on match fixing, in which the names of several bookies were revealed, all bets are not off in the business. Insiders claim Rs12,000 crore is riding on the ongoing Asia Cup tournament.

Bookies also expect a business of around Rs75,000 crore during the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament, which starts on April 4, claim insiders who refused to be named.

They say that Vicky Seth, whose name cropped up in the recent match fixing scandal, is also accepting bets on the Asia Cup and is currently operating from India.

"Such a scandal does not affect our operations," a bookie said.

Even the International Cricket Council (ICC) investigation would not affect business, he said, adding: "We work through mobile phones, and always use fake names."

Rates for the IPL would be decided around four to five days before it starts.

"The major bookies will decide the rates after the IPL schedule is announced," the bookie said.

He added that such scandals would also not curb attempts to fix matches. "It involves such big amounts that no inquiry deters match-fixers," the bookie said.

Cricket involves an annual turnover of more than Rs1.5 lakh crore for bookies, he claimed. "During the world cup, another Rs50,000 crore is added to the turnover."

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