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Kirsten’s opinion should be considered: Bedi

Thursday, June 18, 2021
Sai Mohan
When the coach and captain of India cite reasons for team’s debacle they are put under scrutiny. Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Gary Kirsten admitted that the team was tired and not 100 per cent fit ahead of the WT20.

Kirsten suggested top players being left out of the IPL if there is a major international fixture soon after. The BCCI’s response to the whole issue is a predictably simple and linear one – opt out if you are tired. “The BCCI has made it clear that whenever a player feels he is fatigued, he can always let it be known to the board and he will be given rest,” Rajiv Shukla said.

Former India captain and coach Bishan Singh Bedi wasn’t amused with the BCCI’s response. “How can India’s players be professional if the BCCI is grossly amateur?” Bedi told Cricketnirvana.

Coming strongly in support of Kirsten, Bedi said, “I back Kirsten 100 per cent on this issue. He is the coach of the side and is most aware of the condition of the players. His opinions are of topmost importance and cannot be ignored.”

Indian players are travelling and playing international cricket for over 150 days in a year. It may be a reality for them but it’s a proposition that scares Bedi. “For Indian players professionalism is all about basic instinct. In my dictionary professionalism means the ability to turn up day after day and succeed on a consistent basis. India is yet to unearth that,” Bedi reckons.

India’s coach during the previous edition of the World Twenty20, Lalchand Rajput feels India must put behind the forgettable 2009 campaign and look ahead to the one-day fixtures against West Indies later this month.

“It’s time we put behind whatever has happened and move on. Even Australia got eliminated in the first round so all this is just a part and parcel of sport. India needs to concentrate on the series against West Indies,” Rajput told Cricketnirvana.

Australia made a conscious effort of keeping their top players away from the IPL in order to be prepared for both World Twenty20 and Ashes series. Cricket Australia (CA) Spokesperson Peter Yong feels allowing players to play non-stop IPL was ‘a cause for concern’. “We have always supported the IPL and have nothing against it. The problem arises if and when the IPL clashes with Australia’s FTP (Future Tours Programme) commitments. That is our basis of concern. Playing for Australia is the top priority for every youngster,” Young told Cricketnirvana.