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Time for boards to see players are in safe hands

By Sourav Ganguly
Monday, November 07, 2021

Everybody has been terming "Tuesday" as the blackest day for cricket but I, for one would stand up and say, it's a good day for cricket. This issue of match-fixing has been talked about for long. But with such verdict, I am sure, it will deter youngsters to even think about such anact.

The ICC, the Metropolitan police judge of London and all concerned should be given a pat on the back for this monumental decision.

Also the News of the World deserves all the kudos. They have managed to be a part of this clean-up process and have done the game a huge favour. It's a game followed by millions and for kids, who look up to some of the greats of the modern era as icons, as role models, such a clean-up act was an absolute necessity.

Also, I would want to tell everybody that a few bad people don't make the entire fraternity bad.

There have been stalwarts in the near past and present who have played the game with utmost honesty and integrity.

I completely agree with Steve Waugh that from time to time the players should go through the lie detector test.

For all the concerned boards, time has come to find out ways to keep close track of teams, appoint responsible people to be part of the touring party and make sure that the players are in safe hands. They must remember that the cricketers stay a lot on the road and that can be lonely away from family with constant pressure of performance which can be tough at times and that is where 'these' people take advantage. They pretend to be nice to players and find out ways to get their intentions workable.

A lot of cricketers come from ordinary backgrounds.

Sports have become a very satisfying profession financially that ensures position in the society and individuals can make careers and life out of it. So it's important for the boards to sit with players, educate them and show them the future they have, if they play the sport competitively and cleanly.


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