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Dhoni and Co. don't deserve the brickbats

By Sourav Ganguly
Tuesday, March 15, 2022

South Africa should get the kudos for their outstanding win on Saturday but India do not deserve the brickbats. They did lose a big game but that doesn't mean their World Cup is over. Dhoni and his boys need to remember all that is happening around is only for creating hype for TRP's and sales. I am fascinated to see how people who had almost handed over the trophy to India much before the World Cup are now finding faults at the drop of a hat.

History lessons

There is a big game coming up against the West Indies. It's good the boys have got a chance to go back home for a few days before that. It will help them unwind before they give it one big go for the final goal. All the team members and the fans need to remember this is not happening for the first time. There have been instances galore when teams have faltered at the start but have ultimately done well to reach the final stage.

Kapil classic

In 1983, India would have been almost eliminated had they lost to Zimbabwe. Kapil Dev's 175 not out not only kept them in the hunt but 'Kapil's Devils' created history. In 1992, Pakistan escaped from the jaws of elimination to lift the Cup.

People are finding fault with Dhoni for asking Ashish Nehra to bowl the last over. Had I been there I would have done the same. I do remember Ashish bowled the last over against Pakistan at Karachi some years back in an even tighter situation and ensured victory. However, Dhoni should have used Ashish one more over earlier to get him warmed up.

Batting worry

Firing straightaway is also not what our batsmen should have been doing after Sachin and Sehwag had set up such a wonderful platform. This needs to be addressed seriously as the collapse has not happened for the first time. Against England, we lost seven wickets for few runs and against South Africa nine wickets, for even fewer.

Against the West Indies, we should play on a good strip. If you do that India are way ahead in all departments. But if you are put on a difficult strip and bat second, it could be trouble against Roach and company. Also stick to a set team from now on. If you keep doing that the players become a bit sceptical. Also, Zaheer needs to bowl the 48th and 50th overs.

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