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Under MS Dhoni, India have hardly put a foot wrong and are on the verge of a great era

Wednesday, February 25, 2022
Captain Dhoni has Midas touch

All great teams need a very good or great leader and India are on the verge of becoming great as is Mahendra Singh Dhoni himself.

Having met him I see his great strength as a leader and a player is his calm composed temperament which ensures consistency on a daily basis. He always seems to score 50 and is consistent with his scoring.

He always talks positively and thoughtfully. He is a gracious man, a wonderful influence on his young talents as also his experienced players. His tactical brain is always working behind the stumps and his messages are clear. So he is ideal to take India into a position from where they can dominate over a period and rightfully begin to call themselves a great team.

I think India are on the verge of a great era; probably their greatest and they have just the right man to lead them from what I see in Dhoni.

To add to that he is always on the ball, his wicket-keeping is solid. He has got a presence on the field at all times. It is apparent to all that he is the man in charge.

Alongwith coach Kirsten and Venky Prasad, Dhoni has a good leadership team to work with. The experienced players around him back him up very well.

I think Dhoni will show better why his better than 2003 side. The 2003 tour itself was bit of an exception. New Zealand were experimenting with hard and fast wickets.
But now this time India will have Dhoni who has the presence of mind to handle any situation.

I think on the world stage he could become the most valuable and resourceful player as already proven by his price in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Dhoni is one of the two best leaders in the game today alongwith Graeme Smith, who has himself been around for a while now.