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Things will go out of control if you stop discussions

By Anil Kumble
Monday, May 02, 2022

Just when the Royal Challengers were beginning to gain some momentum, they have got a break of nearly a week. In Twenty20 cricket, you don't know when a break is essential and so from that perspective, it's good that we have a few days to put our feet up, reflect on what has been and look ahead to the second half of the IPL.

From the point of view of all those who played in the World Cup, the break has come at the right time. Some guys needed this time off to recharge their batteries.

With Chris Gayle coming into the setup, it has changed the complexion of the team. His explosiveness makes such a huge difference, as was obvious in our match against the Pune Warriors.

It wasn't the easiest track to bat on, and the Warriors possessing an excellent new-ball attack in Jerome Taylor and Alfonso Thomas. The manner in which Chris went out and took them on was brilliant.


What was most pleasing about Friday's victory was that everyone fielded well, and we bowled really well. It was heartening to see Mithun run in hard and bowl quick, and Arvind has continued to improve with every game.

That's a very good sign; when the youngsters within the setup start performing, it augurs well not just for this campaign but also for the future of the RCB.


In a Twenty20 game, communication is so important because everything happens so quickly. The moment you stop communicating with the key men, things can go awry.

The next three games will be very crucial. Two of them are at home and the other is in Jaipur. If we can win these three, we should, more or less, make it to the semis.

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