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Sehwag – the perfect blend of fire and ice

By Amrit Mathur
Monday, February 21, 2022

Virender Sehwag's assault was similar to Roger Federer's clinical yet merciless destruction of opponents. No contemporary batsman hits more good balls for boundaries than Sehwag; no tennis player hits more stunning winners than Federer. The Swiss is not on court to keep the ball in play - he wants to end the contest quickly and disappear into the change room.

Sehwag's mindset is no different. For him, batting is about scoring runs and belting the ball. He's not the type to accumulate runs by nudging the ball in the vacant spaces, his methods are direct. If the first ball of the match is in his range, chances are it will disappear to the boundary.

Despite their aggressive styles, Sehwag and Federer maintain an outward calm. Neither is prone to drama -- they don't swear, scream or shout during play. Instead, they get on with their business, seemingly shut off from everything that surrounds them.

In the cricketing context, Sehwag is the true heir to Kapil Dev, the champion entertainer. Kapil was the perennial crowd favourite, given his talent for swing bowling and batting marked by clean hitting.

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