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Fastest individual innings in IPL

Rajneesh Gpta

Abhishek Nayar set the tone of Mumbai Indian's innings in IPL 2009's opening game against Chennai Super Kings as he scored 35 off just 14 balls with two fours and three sixes. Nayar's innings now features among the fastest individual innings in the IPL. Have a look: 

Fastest individual innings in IPL
(Min.10 balls faced) 
 SR Batsman Score Balls For Vs Venue  Season
306.25 Yuvraj Singh 49 16 KXIP RR Mohali  2007-08
282.35 ST Jayasuriya 48* 17 MI KKR Mumbai WS  2007-08
266.67 YK Pathan 48* 18 RR KKR Kolkata  2007-08
260.00 YK Pathan 39 15 RR KXIP Mohali  2007-08
250.00 AM Nayar 35 14 MI CSK Cape Town  2008-09