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How Sachin got the 15 runs

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Mumbai: It was a record that seemed a long time coming. At first Sachin Tendulkar had to wait a better part of seven months for the moment. But when Tendulkar finally reached the pinnacle of batting he had to wait anxiously for over two sessions.


The countdown began at 1.20 pm when Brett Lee was steaming in to Tendulkar for his first delivery. Tendulkar flicked one down to fine leg and the count was down to 14. Then at the end of that (43rd) over he glided one down to the third man to get closer.

Two overs later Tendulkar turned Lee past square leg for a neat boundary and the crowds got expectant. There was an agonising wait as Tendulkar earned as he inched closer by one more run two overs later.

Then in the next over, Tendulkar drove one through extra cover to earn a crisp boundary off Mitchell Johnson. Now the maestro needed just six runs. Off the last ball of the same over he picked up a brace to inch closer.

Now with the count down to four, the maestro teased his fans by picking up a single each off the two overs before tea. He needed two more runs but the umpires called for tea and the suspense lingered on for 20 more minutes.

But as expectations increased, there was no more drama. Off the first ball after tea, Tendulkar ended all the suspense by guiding one past the slips to the third man region to quickly pick up three runs. He was now ahead by 1 run. Peak 11,953 had been reached, it was now certified that Tendulkar was the greatest ever atleast in terms of runs.

Here is how he got those 15 runs:-

Over No:                  Bowler                                                  Runs       Description                                            Remarks
42.1 (1.20 pm) Lee to Tendulkar (1)     1      Flicked to fine leg        needs 14
42.6          Lee to Tendulkar (3)     2      Glided to third man       needs 12
44.3          Lee to Tendulkar (4)       1      Turned past square leg     needs 11
46.4          Lee to Tendulkar (5)     1      Driven to deep mid on     needs 10
47.4          Johnson to Tendulkar(9)    4      Driven past extra cover  needs 6
47.6          Johnson to Tendulkar (11) 2      Turned to fine leg         needs 4      
49.1          Siddle to Tendulkar (12)  1      Turned to square leg      needs 3
50.4          Clarke to Tendulkar (13)  1      Driven to cover           needs 2
51.0: At TEA: Tendulkar (13 in 51 mins 22 balls);Needs 1 to equal 2 to break  Ind 174-4
51.1          Siddle to Tendulkar (16)  3      Steered to third man       Ahead by 1 (2.31 pm)