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The Fabulous Four of Indian cricket

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The Nagpur Test is the last time when the Fabulous Four have batted together. The retirement of Sourav Ganguly marks the end of an era which has witnessed the class of Tendulkar, craft of Laxman and steadiness of Dravid together with the elegance of the southpaw. Take a look at the first and the last innings of these extraordinary batsmen:


First match: v South Africa at Kolkata, 1996-97

Bat Pos. Batsman Dismissal 1st innings Dismissal 2nd innings
2 RS Dravid c Hudson b Miller 31 b Mc Millan 23
3 SC Ganguly b McMillan 6 c Richardson b Klusner 0
4 SR Tendulkar b Donald 18 c Kirsten b Symcox 2
6 VVS Laxman b Donald 14 b Kluesner 1
Total Runs   69   26        

Last match: v Australia at Nagpur, 2008-09

Bat Pos. Batsman Dismissal 1st innings Dismissal 2nd innings
3 RS Dravid c Katich b Krejza 0 c Haddin b Watson 3
4 SR Tendulkar lbw b Johnson 109 run out (White/Haddin) 12
5 VVS Laxman c Haddin b Krejza 64 b Krejza 4
6 SC Ganguly c Clarke b Krejza 85 c & b Krejza 0
Total Runs   258   19