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The big occasion of an IPL final had little effect on Bisla
What a memorable night and one of the best of my career. The atmosphere was electric throughout and the match was a fitting climax to another excellent tournament, Jacques Kallis ...
We don´t see the need to make a special plan for Dhoni
A lot of people work very hard behind the scenes at KKR to make sure the players have everything they need to play their best cricket, and I would like ...
Strategy goof-ups cost the Daredevils dear
The form that Delhi were in, they should have found a place in the final, but again, tactical errors cost them the opportunity, Mark Waugh writes.
The Roaring T20s
'By the very nature of the game, the Twenty20 format is limited in its sophistication. But this is more than made up by the circus-like atmosphere - the much derisively ...
Chennai hold the edge in home game
Chennai have the edge considering it's a home game and they adapt to pressure well, writes Mark Waugh.
Gambhir is a tough but popular leader
Gauti has been a hard but popular leader and his runs at the top of the order have been crucial, feels Jacques Kallis.
Talk of Super Kings being lucky is unfair
There has been talk about us being lucky but we see it as a fact that we had the right amount of wins and a higher run-rate. The fact we ...