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An action packed week at the IPL

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Posted: 4/26/2008 3:33:39 PM

The IPL is a week old and has indeed lived up to the hype that was created before the event began. The first match saw McCullum come to the party as the Knightriders thrashed the Royal Challengers.

Some of the teams that seemed the strongest on paper have proved to be dampeners. Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians especially have dissapointed. The Kings XI who lost their first two matches, finally registered a win after beating the Mumbai Indians in front of their home crowd.

Personally being a Knight Riders fan, I consider them favourites but it is too early to say anything. Super Kings look a formidable opposition as well.

Over and above the IPL has found an audience in almost every age group and it can be surely called a success story.



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Posted: 4/26/2008 7:15:53 PM

It was McCullum who set the stage for the mega-event with his blistering knock against the Royal Challengers... Another thrilling encounter between Hyderabad and rajasthan has ensured that the much-hyped tournament remains alive and kicking... the last over slam bang by Warnie against his former team-mate Symonds can easily be touted as the most entertaining little session we have had in the IPL so far.

SRK's big filmi group and the skimpily-clad cheerleaders have been entertaining the crowds with their off-field antics.

Mumbai Indians have really disappointed, especially Sachin's no-show seems to have really dampened the team's spirits. Being a mumbaikar myself, it's rather heart-breaking that the team has yet to open its account in the IPL...

Mumbai convincingly lost to Punjab yesterday and the post-match fracas between Sree and Bhajji has not helped the team;s cause... bhajji better control his anger and emotions if he wishes to survive on the international scene..he has been repeatedly getting into controversies..however, this time he seems to have crossed the line by slapping his own team-mate... all the support meted by the players and the board during the symonds controversy seem to have gone to his head.. he has now started to feel that he is bigger than the game!!!!



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Posted: 4/30/2008 10:34:45 AM

As for IPL, it is so far so good! But i wonder what's in store, when all the overseas players leave for their respective matches.
Andrew Symonds, michael and david hussey, ricky ponting, mathew hayden, and you can also see few other players from England, West Indies and New Zealand leaving shortly.

ONLY players from these countries have so far entertained (except few cameos from Dhoni, Yuvraj and Sewag). Now the MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION is with high profile players leaving, can the IPL carry the same excitement it showed few days ago? Or else, will it be like the 2007 World Cup, which turned bore half-way after the exit of prime teams.

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