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Next India Test captain?

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Posted: 4/20/2008 4:50:13 PM

Anil Kumble has forever been considered as someone who puts on his thinking cap at all times whilst on the field. He has had to wait sooooooooo long to finally be given the Test captaincy... and by gee has he done a good job !!

But again... the question arises.. Kumble is 37 and going on 38... he's a spinner so sure he can prolong his career for another 1...2.. yrs at MAX... wat after that??

Sachin.. Sourav.. Rahul.. are obviously out of contention.. Laxman... umm difficult choice..

Dhoni is obviously being tipped as the next Indian captain - in all forms of the game... Personally, I don't want to see that surface because I don't think he understands the longer version as well as some of the others..

I mean think about it.. Dhoni thinks that Gambhir is a 'great batsman' and that Robin Uthappa is 'the future'... IT CLEARLY TELLS ME that Dhoni doesn't understand the 'technicalities' of the sport... he plays it like GULLY CRICKET and is clearly not equipped to suceeding in Test cricket..

I really do pray that the selectors go back to Veeru as a choice for Test captain..

IM REALLY REALLY hoping to see Cheteshwar Pujara, Manoj Tiwary, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Subramaniam Badrinath, Sahil Kukreja, Rohit Sharma and the rest BREAK INTO THE TEST TEAM... i know its not happening until 2009.. but when it does.. EXPECT INDIA to go downhill and lose plenty of Test series... but that happens to EVERY TEAM while going through a transition phase..

IM REALLY EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE of INDIAN CRICKET! Cant wait to see the young guns TAKE OVER! Although I hope to see the FAB 5 get a glorious exit from the game...

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