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Posted by jason at 5/28/2008 8:55:42 PM       
    After their horrid show, the Deccan Chargers one of the teams slated to win the IPL before it even started, crashed out of the tournament with a mere 2 wins from 14 matches.

    Their players are now coming out in agitation against the team management saying that they were not given enough chance to prove their worth and that their 'final 11' decision was made more on the basis of colour rather than performance.

    But what bothers me is:

    1.) Why are the players speaking up when its already too late?

    2.) Why couldn't the skeletons in the closet been bought to the fore earlier when the team COULD have actually done something about it?

    The Deccan Chargers have some of the most cleanest strikers of the cricket ball in Afridi, Gilchrist and Gibbs. Had such issues come up earlier MAYBE it would free them of their mental clogging and allowed their bats to do the talking, which if I may add, would be a sorry state of affairs fo the opposition team.

    Alas, it is all too late as the Chargers have already ended with the tag of being 'the biggest disappointment of the IPL'.

    Nothing they can or will do now will save them for that.

    But perhaps a few lesssons can be learned and avoided for next year's edition of the compeition where there is no doubt that teams who have been relegated this year will come back seeking greater vengeance.

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