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piujade >> piujade's Blogs >> Master v Blaster --- The Sachin-Shoaib duel

Posted by piujade at 5/16/2008 12:41:49 PM       
    As the KnightRiders take on the Mumbai Indians today, cricket lovers all around are in for a treat. The clash of these two teams means that Sachin and Shoaib will be a face to face after a long gap.

    For the first time I will be siding up with the Rawalpindi express courtesy my support to the KnightRiders. I am hoping that Sachin misfires and Shoaib continues his run from the last match.

    This is the Master Blasters second match in the tournament and expectations are running high on his performance. Akhtar has just made a magificent comeback and very frankly I did no expect him to play the way he did in his first IPL outing.

    Nonetheless, from a purely cricketing perspective the audience is in for a treat as the ol' rivals clash again.

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