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Posted by y2k_rambo at 3/15/2009 5:06:16 PM       
    After what happened in Pakistan,this question is certainly at the top of list given that Pakistan was also among the hosts of the 2011 World Cup.Well i dont see world cup matches being played in Pakistan any more.

    But my concerns is whether this blemish will affect India's image in world cricket and whether the world believes firmly that SURELY India can host the 2011 World cup.

    After what happened at Lahore, the BCCI has startes using the terms like 'on our own' instead of sub-continental unity' which it has been using in the past until the attacks at Lahore.Such statements clearly suggest that India and Pakistan no longer are in a "mood"(should i use this) to conduct such events jointly.

    Pakistan cricket will suffer for years to come.But the Million Dollar question is whether India will be affected by this?????

    Or Will the BCCI which possess its image of "Super power" in world cricket like the ICC,be successful in sorting things out and bringing the 2011 World cup event back to India????

    Well for now , i can only say that we can do nothing but only WAIT AND WATCH!!!!!!!!

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Posted by BharatKumarLudhiyani at 3/21/2009 2:10:55 PM         


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