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Posted by y2k_rambo at 3/15/2009 4:15:58 PM       
    We now have the ODI series in the bag and the Mother of Cricket,yes, i mean the Test Series is about to kick-off from 18th March,2009.

    We have seen how the weather in NZ has played a cat- and- mouse game in all ODIs and how the game has shifted momentum in every ODI.The test series is not less than a test of character for Team India.

    With the seaming conditions and the red ball darting around,the experienced Indian batting line up must display their sense of character at the centre.It will be ideal bowling conditions for the Indian bowlers who will be waiting to pounce on the conditions.

    Remember that we wont have a full day's game i.e. 90 overs in a day,on any day of any test match in this series.So it is upto the boys to sieze the early intiative and pounce on the opportunity that comes their way.


    History is in the making.......

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