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Posted by amitmahajan at 3/11/2021 10:54:39 PM       
    What a tremendous win for team India today. The discussion on Dial C is on that who is a biggest match winner for India. I would have loved to participate but i dont think Ill get a chance today.

    I am really not bothered who is winning the match for us as long as we are winning it. But if we really have to account for the match winning performances, I feel the Sultan of Multan has a upper hand over all his opponents.

    Virender Sehwag is a hugely talented player whose rough edges make him all the more appealing. By the time he had scored his first centuries in one-day cricket (off 70 balls, against New Zealand) and Test cricket (on debut, against South Africa, from 68 for 4), he was already looking a replica of his idol Sachin Tendulkar.

    Asked to open the innings in Tests on the tour of England in 2002, Sehwag proved to be a revelation , cracking an 80 and a 100 in the first two matches. Regularly thereafter, he kept scoring heavily at the top of the order, none as significant as India's first 300, at Multan against Pakistan in early 2004. Such a character, this guy completed his triple century with a huge six.

    Though he continued to dominate in the Test arena, Sehwag's one-day form dipped alarmingly - after 2003, he went through a period where he averaged under 30. He was dropped from the side for the home series against West Indies in early 2007 - Sehwag continued to sparkle in Tests, as shown by his magnificent 254 at Lahore. In June, he came excruciatingly close to scoring a century before lunch in the first day against West Indies in St Lucia, a feat never accomplished before by an Indian batsman.

    After a string of poor scores, Sehwag was dropped from India's Test squad to Bangladesh in 2007, and was not considered for either the Test or ODI sides to England. He was a surprise pick for the Test team to tour Australia after not being named in the initial list of probables.

    Sehwag had to wait for two matches before he made a strong comeback in the Perth Test, where he gave the innings' momentum with knocks of 29 and 43, and took two wickets with his offspin in Australia's second innings, to help India claim one of their greatest wins. He followed it up with scores of 63 and 151 - his first century in the team's second innings - to help India draw the Test in Adelaide. Then, in the first Test against South Africa in Chennai, he made an even more emphatic statement, rattling off the quickest triple-century in Test cricket, off just 278 balls. He eventually made 319 - the highest score by an Indian - and in the process became only the third batsman, after Don Bradman and Brian Lara, to pass 300 twice in Tests. In his next Test series against Sri Lanka in 2008, Sehwag thrived while the Indian middle-order struggled against the mystery spin of Ajantha Mendis. His double-hundred and half-century were instrumental in India winning the Galle Test.

    We have seen the current series in NewZealand that when Sehwag gets going , No one can dare stop the Nawab of Nazafgarh.

    Sunil Gavaskar was the master, Sachin was the little master but now this Dynamite Blaster deserve to get the MASTER Label.

    We have heard about Sir Don Bradman that he was the best batsman in the world of cricket. I have not seen him but when I saw Sehwag batting today, i thought that how can anyone be better than him.

    Do solve the puzzle of my mind.

    I am really calling Sehwag AN ALL TIME GREAT!!!!!

Reader Comments
Posted by vidyav at 3/15/2009 11:14:32 AM         

    i dont know whether he is an all time great but he is definately the most destructive, aggressive and dynamic batsman india has ever produced!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by y2k_rambo at 3/16/2009 7:31:24 PM         

    One morning ur bed starts shaking and when u wake up and realise that u r bed is shaking and u see people yelling and running helter-skelter,u realise that earthquake has hit ur place and u need to run or hide or take cover for yourself to protect yourself from destruction caused by it.

    Now imagine that Sehwag is the earthquake(i am talking about).No captain in the world would want to see him play and slaughter his bowling attack.All the opponents would just wish that they see his back the very first ball he plays.Thats why he is considered as a nightmare by one and all.

    Well the fans can enjoy his power-packed performance on the field but then imagine yourself in the bowlers shoes.U would definetly want the ur spell to be over as soon as possible when this man is on fire or in a destructive mood.(Well Sehwag is always in that mood.Any doubts on that!!!)

    He will score a century and win a match for the team single-handedly on his day.But when it is not he would get out the very first ball,playing an unthinkable shot.Thats the way Sehwag plays.But then u cant ignore the fact that he is a match winner.

    His happy-go-lucky attitude distinguishes him from the others.

    Just hope that he continues to play as he has been playing till now throughout his cricketing career.

Posted by Bablu101 at 3/17/2009 1:43:15 PM         

    Excellently written & very very true about Viru. In fact the rise of the Indian team in the current century is mainly due to Sehwag's rise in International cricket. If u see Sehwag's career so far he has played several match winning/ scintillating innings which no other current/previous player can match during the similar stage of his career. I compare Sehwag & Sachin with Federer & Nadal, although the comparisons are not exact but only approximate. Just as Federer has a perfect game so does Sachin, Nadal does not have Federer's repertoire of strokes, but he still wins with a lesser repertoire but with a more effective use of the arsenal at his disposal. His strokes although not as fluent as Federer's still have a wide range & puts them to good use. Plus he has a better strategy than Federer and he is more tough mentally. Similarly Sehwag may not have each & every stroke that Sachin has but he still has a wide arsenal & when at his best can outdo even Sachin in unleashing his range & coming up with innovative shots. He can be audacious, daring, unconventional & innovative. He is such a combination of power, precision, economy & artistry that each one of his innings just leaves a very pleasing memory. I think he is equally dangerous like Viv Richards. But unlike Richards he goes on to score big. Unlike Richards he does not move all around the wicket, in fact his focus on the ball is so complete that the bowler doesnt know what he has in mind until he has thrown his ball. And Sehwag promptly comes up with a stroke suiting the ball. I remember one of his strokes against Brett Lee, on the TV screen when Brett Lee threw a perfect yorker it seemed that the ball is heading towards the wicket, but the next moment it was promptly despatched to the boundary. Because he plays with a singularly uncluttered mind, the bowlers reputation, the pitch conditions or the previous ball mis-hit dont upset him at all. In that sense he is also one of the most mentally strong players around. He doesnt get bogged down by any condition/situation. His 201 n.o against Sri lanka was a classic, showing that he can bat in any style he wants & bat till the end, it is not true he can bat only one way, he scored a match saving 151 against Australia at Adelaide without scoring a single boundary. If he can hit ooundaries at will he can easily avoid hitting boundaries. He has several dimensions to his game. The way he bats brings the maxm advantage to his team. Other batsman can then capitalise on the starts he gives. He played much slower when he stayed till the end in his epic 201 n.o. I think he is the most talented player to arrive on world cricket in the current century. It is ironical to see a debate about who should open with Sehwag, whether it should be Sachin or Gautam. Sachin has been opening since 1994 while Gautam is a regular opener. Contrary to them Sehwag has been a middle order bat who has made the opening position his own with his own distinctly attractive style. What more proof of the talent of the man his adaptability to any situation, ability to master situations quickly, learn quickly is just amazing. He failed against Mendis only for the first time and from then on he was the master of all the subsequent proceedings. Compared to him all the big names failed. Mendis had become a big mystery for everyone whereas Sehwag tackled him on the field itself w/o any extra preparation or carrying any mental burden. Everyone else spent hours & hours in studying him. It just emphasizes his adaptability & quick learning ability. Similarly when he went to NZ last time the pitches were seaming wickets the ball would land in 1st slip after pitching on the leg, it was his first visit to NZ, but he quickly adapted and was the highest run getter on behalf of India with 2 double centuries, when the fab four together could not score more than 216 runs. In my opinion a great player should have the following important qualities: 1) Great playing skills 2) Use of your skills to maxm effect which means going for a win always 3) Mental strength 4) Practical intelligence 5) Quick eye 6) Undisturbed focus on the job at hand 7) Determination to succeed at all costs or not giving up easily 8) Winning attitude 9) Assessment of the opponent etc and a host of other minor qualities. If u compare Federer with Nadal, Federer is better than Nadal in point no 1, but in the rest of the points Nadal is better. Similarly Sachin scores over Sehwag in point no 1 but if u compare overall Sehwag is a better, that is why innings after astonishing innings. I feel wrestling's loss has been cricket's gain as far as Sehwag is concerned. And just like Nadal he is continuously improving. I think by the time he quits he will be rated as one of the greatest players of all time. He appears like a soldier of the jat regiment, while all other batsman fire with a Light to Medium to Heavy Machine Gun fire, he seems to fire with the Bofors gun of the Indian Artillery regiment. Off the field he is a complete contrast to his on field exploits & talks exactly like a jat- straight from the heart. One jat won us the 1983 WC I'm sure another one will do so in 2011. On the field I have never seen him bad mouthing other players.

Posted by ambujrox at 3/17/2009 3:34:00 PM         

    I dont think so now Sehwag is the all time fav. batsmen. u people just what u think is just a player who scores some fast runs or hundreds,etc. u choose ur best crktr.the way h's going i understands but cricket is a part of consistency that actually he'll have to show!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by candyman at 3/19/2009 11:28:08 PM         

    If you call a batsman who plays tremendously only for a season or two an all time great is not correct if he scores a few fast runs or hundreds he cannot become an all time great he shouls improve his consistency .when he is in out of form he is a nothing batsman .

Posted by Manojgoud at 3/20/2009 9:54:19 PM         

    Sehwag is the no one player in the world and all time great. Lot of world record in his name. He is the outstanding player. He is the GOD of cricket.He is more spectacular than Sachin.No one can be compared with him with his rare quality.

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